Disclaimer: Beware of emails from WFO officers asking for financial assistance or posing as being stranded in situations that require urgent help. These are phishing/hacking activities. WFO officers will never email you for any assistance of this kind.

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Reasons to join the WFO

The World Federation of the Orthodontists (WFO) is the largest global organization of specialist orthodontists and specialty orthodontic associations. The WFO is the international voice of orthodontics.

  • It is the only arena where all members and all eligible affiliate organizations are able to join and have equal representation to be able to oversee the future of the specialty of orthodontics.
  • When you join the WFO it strengthens your national organization, and your organization benefits through increased representation at the WFO Council.
  • Members:
        • receive reduced rates to attend WFO/IOC meetings which have been in Paris 2005, Sydney 2010 and London 2015. Upcoming meetings:
           Yokohama in 2020 and Rio de Janeiro in 2025
        • receive and are able to contribute to the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists (JWFO), an international journal full of timely, clinically   
           relevant material

        • join fellow WFO colleagues from around the world and celebrate the benefits of orthodontics on
    World Orthodontic Health Day (May 15th). Promotional
          material is available on the WFO website https://www.wfo.org/about-wfo/world-orthodontic-health-day/

        • have the potential to have your name listed on the WFO member directory accessible to everyone around the world.
    For all the world except the US and Canada, membership grants you access to International membership in the AAO and reduced fees for AAO
    The dues are kept very reasonable- a 5-year membership is $230 US- That’s less than $50 per year and only pennies per day.  

The WFO stands for:

  • Encouraging high standards in orthodontics throughout the world
  • Encouraging, and assisting when requested, in the formation of a national organization of orthodontists in countries where such organizations do not exist
  • Encouraging, and assisting in the formation of national orthodontic specialty certification boards
  • Encouraging high standards in orthodontic research and treatment
  • Encouraging the exchange of orthodontic research and treatment information
  • Encouraging high standards of orthodontic education, training, certification and licensure and
  • Sponsoring and administering periodic International Orthodontic Congresses (IOC), including selecting the site and the host organization.