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Governance & Awards

The WFO Bylaws provide for two major governing bodies to develop policies and lead the WFO.  They are the Council of the World Federation of Orthodontists and the Executive Committee.


The Council consists of national and regional representatives (see the WFO Bylaws section VII for more information) .  The WFO Council meets once every five years during the International Orthodontic Congress and its members are appointed by each affiliated society. 


The WFO Council currently elects a 10-member WFO Executive Committee which develops policies and leads the WFO in the interim between each IOC.  The WFO Executive Committee elects the president and vice-president of the WFO and appoints the Secretary-General who administers the home office of the WFO which is in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The WFO is financed by dues from fellows (members), donations, affiliation fees (from affiliate organizations), any profits from meetings of the IOC, grants, gifts and bequests.


The initial Executive Committee of the WFO, selected in San Francisco, consisted of the following members:


·         Athanasios E. Athanasiou of Greece

·         Jae Chan Kim of Korea

·         Takayuki Kuroda of Japan

·         Robert Max of New Zealand

·         Per Rygh of Norway

·         Lee W. Graber of the United States who was selected as vice-president

·         William H. DeKock of the United States who was selected as president


In 2000, at the 5th IOC, the WFO Council revised the WFO Bylaws to expand the WFO Executive Committee so it represents the six major regions of the world and includes a representative of the affiliate society that is selected by the WFO Executive Committee to co-sponsor the next IOC.

Current members of the WFO Executive Committee are as follows:


·         Allan R. Thom, of the United Kingdom, President of the WFO

·         F. Amanda Maplethorp of Canada, Vice-president of the WFO

·         Thomas L. Ahman of the United States

·         Joseph Bouserhal of Lebanon

·         Himawan Halim of Indonesia

·         Ricardo Marchado Cruz of Brazil

·         Keiji Moriyama of Japan

·         Paul Jonathan Sandler of the United Kingdom

·         Panagiotis Skoularikis of Greece

·         Nikhilesh Vaid of India

·         Yanheng Zhou of China

·        Takashi Ono, Chairman of 9th IOC

·         Lee Graber of the United States, Secretary-General of the WFO

·         Vinod Krishnan of India, Editor JWFO