Disclaimer: Beware of emails from WFO officers asking for financial assistance or posing as being stranded in situations that require urgent help. These are phishing/hacking activities. WFO officers will never email you for any assistance of this kind.

Governance Structure

 WFO-Affiliated organizations appoint their
respective Council members


Council Of The WFO

One (1) member from each affiliate organization (maximum 1 per country)

Forty (40) additional at-large members elected
on a pro-rata basis according to the number of
dues paying fellows from each affiliated organization

Every five years, the Council receives nominations from the Nominating Committee for the members of the next Executive Committee and the current  Executive Committee votes on those. The next  President is elected by the previous Executive Committee.


Executive Committee of the WFO (14)
Ten (10) Council Members one of which is elected as
Vice President
Editor-in-chief of the JWFO (ex-officio non voting)
One representative from the WFO-affiliated organization of
the country where the next IOC will be held (ex-officio non voting)
Secretary-General (ex-officio non voting; appointed by Executive Committee)