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WFO Regional Award of Merit


The WFO Regional Award of Merit was established in 2015 at the 8th IOC by action of the WFO Council to amend the WFO Bylaws. This award recognizes WFO fellows, academic fellows or retired fellows who have made significant contributions to orthodontics, whether through academic, research, clinical practice or organized orthodontic pursuits. Frequently, the stars and champions of our profession are well known in their region, but WFO members in other parts of the world are unaware of the magnitude or significance of their contributions to our profession. This award was established to solicit nominations from recognized WFO affiliate organizations, leaders and individual WFO members so these people receive the recognition they deserve.

Process.    Nominations for this award may be made to the Executive Committee at any time. The nomination must be submitted on the WFO Regional Award of Merit form, and shall include the nominee's curriculum vitae. The nomination must include a narrative of no more than three typed pages in length, authored by the nominating fellow or organization, describing fully the reasons the nominee should be considered for the award. Supporting documentation from third parties may be included in the submission, but shall be limited to no more than two pages per third party submission.

The award(s) can be conferred at a meeting of the WFO-affiliated organization to which the recipient belongs or a regional meeting agreeable to the recipient and the WFO Regional Executive Committee Member.

General Award Policies

  1. A wide range of contributions may be considered: academic pursuits, research or publication interests, contributions to clinical practice, humanitarian efforts, significant leadership in the development or improvement of local or regional orthodontic associations or certification boards, etc.
  2. This award may be granted to as many qualified recipients as the Awards Committee may decide albeit the committee in its sole discretion is not required to grant this award. Multiple recipients from a single region may be recognized.
  3. Once the Awards Committee has received a nomination, the committee has up to twelve (12) months to make a determination regarding the nomination. The committee in the vetting process may solicit additional information or supporting documentation.

For more details see the WFO Regional Award of Merit Nomination Form