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Welcome to the World Federation of Orthodontists

Greetings! This website offers a variety of resources for orthodontists around the world. Here, you can learn about numerous WFO affiliate organizations and the activities of WFO fellows. WFO fellows may also log into this site to pay dues, access the full content of the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists and update their profile information. Continue Reading

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Upcoming Meetings - see our calendar and upcoming meetings page for more details

January 25-28, 2018 Egyptian Orthodontic Society  30th Annual Meeting, Morocco

February 23-25, 2018

Saudi Orthodontic Society, 12th Annual Conference

March 5-7, 2018

Association of Philippine Orthodontists (APO) & Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society
11th Asian Pacific Conference &11th APO Biennial National Orthodontic Congress
Boracay, Philippines

March 9-12, 2018

Australian Society of Orthodontists, 26th Australian Orthodontic Congress, Sydney, Australia

March 16-17, 2018

Societa Italiana di Ortodonzia, International Spring Meeting, Naples

April 21-22, 2018

Greek Orthodontic Society, 15th International Symposium, Athens, Greece

May 3-8, 2018

American Association of Orthodontists, 2018 Annual Session, Washington, DC, USA

May 15, 2018

The 2nd Annual World Orthodontic Health Day

June 17-21, 2018

European Orthodontic Society, 94th Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland

 May 24-26, 2018
Romanian Association for Excellence in Orthodontics (AREO), 9th Congress, Iasi, Romania

September 6-8, 2018

Canadian Association of Orthodontists Annual Session, Vancouver, Canada

September 25-28, 2018

Nigerian Association of Orthodontists 12th Annual Session, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria


September 26-29, 2018


British Orthodontic Society Conference, London, England, UK

October 11-13, 2018

Societa Italiana di Ortodonzia, 49th International Congress, Florence, Italy

October 25-28, 2018

Mediterranean Orthodontic Congress, Egyptian Orthodontic Society, Alexandria, Egypt

October 30-November 1, 2018

Japanese Orthodontic Society, 77th Annual Meeting, Pacifico, Yokohama

December 7-9, 2018

Indian Orthodontic Society, 53rd IOC, Kochi

December 7-10, 2018

Taiwan International Orthodontic Forum (TIOF)



May 3-7, 2019

American Association of Orthodontists, 2019 Annual Session, Los Angeles

May 15, 2019

The 3rd Annual World Orthodontic Health Day

October 10-12, 2019

Societa Italiana di Ortodonzia, 50th International Congress, Rome, Italy


May 1-5, 2020

American Association of Orthodontists, 2020 Annual Session, Atlanta, Georgia

May 15, 2020

The 4th Annual World Orthodontic Health Day

October 4-7, 2020

9th International Orthodontic Congress
Pacifico Yokohama Convention Complex
Yokohama, Japan

October 15-17, 2020

Societa Italiana di Ortodonzia, 51st International Congress, Florence, Italy


For a preview of the 9th International Orthodontic Congress (IOC) on October 4-7, 2020, have a look...