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WFO Council


One (1) member from each affiliate country will serve on the WFO Council.  In the event that more than one association or society representing the same country should be elected to affiliation by the Executive Committee, that country shall have only one representative on the Council mutually determined by the national associations or societies concerned.  Final allocation of seats is subject to the terms of Section VII of the WFO Bylaws.

An additional forty (40) members are selected at large on a pro-rata basis according to the number of dues-paying fellows from each affiliate organization.

The Secretary-General is an ex-officio member.

Major Duties

The Council shall:

  1. Amend the bylaws.
  2. Receive and ratify amendments to the bylaws made by the Executive Committee since the previous meeting of Council.
  3. Receive Executive Committee reports summarizing its activities since the previous meeting of Council, and act upon them if required.
  4.  Receive the Secretary-General’s report on the financial status of the Federation.
  5. Make recommendations to the Executive Committee for Honorary Fellows.
  6. Elect ten (10) members to the Executive Committee.
  7. Convene a special meeting of the General Assembly; a two-thirds (2/3) vote with a quorum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the total number of councilors, and with at least fifty percent (50%) of the eligible Councilors representing each of the six geographic regions of the world shall be required to convene such special meeting.
  8. Report its decisions to the General Assembly.


The Council must meet at least once during each International Orthodontic Congress.