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Executive Committee


Ten (10) Council Members (one of whom must be from an affiliate organization of the country where the next International Orthodontic Congress (IOC) will be held)
Secretary-General (ex officio; appointed by Executive Committee)
Editor-in-chief of the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists (ex officio)

Duties of the Officers

The President shall:

  1. Preside at the IOC, Executive Committee, and Council meetings (Article 9.1.1); and
  2. Appoint, in consultation with the Executive Committee and the appropriate officers and/or members in the host country, the Congress Committee in the host country to run the next IOC (Article 14.2). 

The Vice-President shall:

  1. Serve on the Executive Committee (Article 9.2.1); and
  2. Serve in absence of the President (Article 9.2.3). 

The Secretary-General shall:

  1. Be responsible for the administration of all bodies of the WFO (Article 9.3.2); 
  2. Be responsible for collection and supervision of the WFO funds (Article 9.3.4); 
  3. Be responsible for the administration of the Secretariat (Article 9.3.5); 
  4. Be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee (Articles 8.3.1);
  5. Be responsible for the production of the semi-annual newsletter (Article 9.3.6); 
  6. Maintain close liaison with the committee in the host country responsible for the production of the next IOC; and
  7. Maintain and update the list of fellows and the affiliate organization(s) to which they belong as appropriate. 

Major Duties of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall:

  1. Determine the site for the next IOC and advise the host country on all aspects of the organization of the IOC (Articles and;
  2. Elect nominees to honorary fellowship in the Federation (Article;
  3. Approve the budget submitted by the Secretary-General (Article;
  4. Approve changes in standing rules governing the duties of the President, the Vice-President, and the Secretary-General and other officers (Article;
  5. Approve additional regional or national organizations for affiliation (Article; and
  6. Receive, consider and nominate candidates from those submitted by affiliate organizations for election to the Executive Committee and provide a list of these nominations at least four months prior to the Council's meeting (Article


The Executive Committee shall hold meetings in the interval between meetings of the IOC and conduct other business by correspondence and other means of communication (Articles 8.3.3 and 8.3.4).

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