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The 5th International Orthodontic Congress

The 5th IOC - held in conjunction with the 100th AAO Annual Session

 On Sunday, April 30, 2000, the WFO Council elected 10 fellows to the WFO Executive Committee. Due to an approved revision to the WFO Bylaws, the Executive Committee has expanded from eight members to 13. The expanded Executive Committee now represents the six major areas of the world. The new members of the Executive Committee join WFO President Dr. Lee Graber and Secretary-General Dr. William DeKock and Dr. Olivier Mauchamp representing the host organizations for the 6th IOC to be held in Paris in 2005 and are as follow: Dr. Abbas Zaher representing Africa and the Middle East, Dr. Robert Max representing Australia-Indonesia-Malaysia-New Zealand-Philippines, Drs. Jae Chan Kim and Hideo Mitani representing Central and East Asia, Dr. Julia Harfin representing Central and South America, Drs. A.E. Athanasiou and  Francesca Miotti representing Europe,  Drs. Roberto Justus, Larson Keso and Donald Poulton representing North America.


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