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World Village Day


The 7th International Orthodontic Congress (IOC) and 4th Meeting of the WFO featured the unique World Village Day Feb. 8. Through this special event, IOC attendees participated in the 22nd Australian Orthodontic Congress, the 7th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conference (APOC), lectures offered by the Arab Orthodontic Society, lectures offered by the British Orthodontic Society, the European Village Day and the South American Village Day.

“Our decision to hold the World Village Day on the third day worked well,” said Dr. Richard Olive, chair of the Sydney International Orthodontic Congress Committee. “All the sessions were well-attended.”

The World Village Day provided participating organizations with global exposure, and the attendees were able to evaluate their treatment practices on an international scale.

“It is always beneficial to see what is happening in the way of research and best practice in other countries,” said Dr. Winifred Harding of the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists. She served as chair of the APOC. “It can be reassuring that what you are doing is of the highest standard, or it can leave you to return home striving to improve.”