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First meeting of orthodontic editors

In a historic first meeting, orthodontic journal editors from around the world met Friday, April 28, 2000, to determine how to best serve readers while looking to the future and remaining on the cutting edge of technology. The results of the gathering were so positive the editors decided to meet again next year during the 101st American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session in Toronto, Canada.

"The level of enthusiasm was remarkable," said Dr. Orhan Tuncay (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), chair of the symposium's planning committee and editor-in-chief of Clinical Orthodontics and Research and Progress in Orthodontics. "Everyone thought this was a superb session, and they look forward to more interaction like this in the future. We all have the same problems (as editors) and similar issues, yet we had never talked about them."

The International Orthodontic Journal Editors' Symposium, part of the 2nd meeting of the WFO, was attended by about 25 editors from 17 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States. The morning and afternoon discussions - "Article Submission and Notification of Authors," "Journalism on the Internet" and "Impact Factor" - proved a lively forum for sharing ideas and establishing common ground.

"In unification, we can gain power," said Dr. Rainer-Reginald Miethke (Berlin, Germany), a member of the symposium planning committee and editor of the German Orthodontic Society journal Kieferorthopadie, in his concluding remarks. "That's very important for the future."