Disclaimer: Beware of emails from WFO officers asking for financial assistance or posing as being stranded in situations that require urgent help. These are phishing/hacking activities. WFO officers will never email you for any assistance of this kind.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Colleague,

As fellow colleagues, the WFO Executive join me in sending you all a message of support at this time. We are conscious of how all our lives have been disrupted, both personally and professionally impacting on all our families, patients, colleagues and friends.

As a worldwide organization, the WFO is monitoring the situation day by day. Due to the challenge of travelling, the 9th IOC is now being reformatted to a virtual meeting.

In the coming days, weeks and months, the WFO will be actively sharing updates and information with you on our website and through a variety of other channels such as social media and email. Our aim is to keep you as fully informed as possible. 

We know you have a great deal on your mind and you need to be able to focus on looking after your patients, yourself, loved ones and your livelihood.

We all hope the situation will improve later this year, allowing us all to meet at our long awaited and meticulously planned 9th IOC in Yokohama.

The WFO is acting in a careful and responsible manner and will post updates as indicated.

Kind regards,

Allan R. Thom, LLM, BDS, FDS, M’Orth

World Federation of Orthodontists