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  WFO forms History Committee, seeks members' recollections of the WFO's early years and history of WFO affiliate organizations

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8th International Orthodontic Congress®

9th International Orthodontic Congress®


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WFO Executive Committee to select slate of candidates for 2015-2020 WFO Executive Committee in May 2015
  Important Notice: WFO now sends membership renewal notices via e-mail
WFO affiliate organizations to select representatives for the WFO Council
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  17th Panhellenic Congress addressed clinical topics in orthodontics
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WFO to host symposium on orthodontic board certification during the 8th International Orthodontic Congress® in 2015
  The European Federation of Orthodontics presented its annual awards in December 2014


The Indian Orthodontic Society (IOS) has commenced an extensive public awareness campaign in India to heighten awareness of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. As part of the campaign, IOS members are traveling with the Smile Torch throughout India. Here, Dr. Keki Mistry, left, a founding member and past president of the IOS, hands over the Smile Torch to Dr. Prashant Dhole, the Bombay Orthodontic Study Group convenor, Dec. 27, 2014, in Mumbai, India. Dr. Nikhilesh Vaid, president of the IOS, is standing directly behind Dr. Mistry and Dr. Dhole. This ceremony marked the beginning of the Smile Torch’s journey through India.

  On behalf of the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists (TAO), TAO President Dr. Johnny Liaw, right, presented $2,000 (U.S. dollars) to WFO President Dr. Roberto Justus during the Taiwan International Orthodontic Forum in November 2014. The WFO usually deposits donations such as this in the Thomas M. Graber Memorial Fund. The WFO is using this fund to support the T.M. Graber Residents’ Section in the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists. The TAO is a charter member of the WFO, and all TAO members are WFO fellows.

More than 750 people, including 182 delegates from overseas, participated in the forum, which was held in conjunction with the 26th National Annual Conference of the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists in Taipei, Taiwan. 



Dr. Zhihe Zhao, the 2011-2014 president of the COS, welcomes attendees to the 13th Annual Session of the Chinese Orthodontic Society during the Opening Ceremony.

The Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society elected new officers Oct. 20, 2014, during the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conference in Kuching, Malaysia. From left are Dr. Bryce Lee, secretary-general; Dr. Kazuo Tanne, immediate past president; Dr. Nikhilesh Vaid, president; Dr. Tanan Jaruprakorn, vice president; and Dr. Prashant Zaveri, treasurer.