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Encouraging high standards in orthodontics throughout the world.

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Promoting orthodontic research.

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Encourage the formation of national and regional orthodontic certifying boards around the world

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The Japanese Orthodontic Society is preparing to welcome orthodontics around the world to the 9th IOC in Yokohama in 2020

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8th IOC Sept. 27-30 2015. Orthodontists from around the world came to London

A letter from President THOM

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Dr. Jorge Faber steps down as editor-in-chief of the Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists

WFO explores option of offering an educational grant program for the 9th International Orthodontic Congress® in 2020 



    The RFP for the 10th IOC
         is now available. Click here for the RFP
                       and more information
    Sadly we announce the untimely death of our respected colleague and Honorary Member of the WFO, Birgit Thilander.

    Birgit Thilander promoted to jubilee doctor at the Karolinska Institute in 2011.

    For over 50 years Dr. Thilander served orthodontics clinically, as President of the EOS and above all in research; she was conferred with at least five doctorates: on top of her own in 1961 she has been made an honorary doctor at three universities in other countries, and was made a jubilee doctor at Karolinska Institutet on the fiftieth anniversary of completing her PhD. When asked once what she might have done differently, she replied “Actually, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d just carry on doing what I’ve always done, looking for bits of the puzzle.”

    She will be greatly missed.


    For a preview of the 9th International Orthodontic Congress (IOC) on October 4-7, 2020, have a look....