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May 15 is World Orthodontic Health Day

May 15, 2017 was the first World Orthodontic Health Day, and the WFO created a special logo and posters that established the brand identity of this annual celebration. The logo, available in a variety of formats, is available for download (see below). WFO members should use this logo in all promotional materials for this celebration going forward. Click here to see how the world celebrated in 2017.

World Orthodontic Health Day Logo

The WFO Promotions Committee Dr. Nikhilesh Vaid, chair, Dr. Ricardo Machado Cruz of Brazil and Dr. Yanheng Zhou of China evaluated more than 25 designs to zero in on a logo that symbolically represents World Orthodontic Health Day.

The artist, Ananth Shankar, the renowned designer and cartoonist, writes about the logo:

The World Orthodontic Health Day is celebrated by a logo that aims to become an easily recognized icon of orthodontic care across the globe.

At the core of the logo is a wide smile, bright white teeth space within healthy pink gums that have braces on them. These braces represent the kinship between orthodontists and a world that unites when people smile - for this purpose the braces are actually human silhouettes holding hands as "buddy braces". This symbol of harmony also represents the coming together of a legendary spirit, thus in Olympic colours, signifying people of every race and colour coming together for orthodontic health. 

The smile is within a white circle, the shining world and that itself is within a solid square block, a geometric outline that indicates stability and solid reputation. The font of the logo is classy, tall and modern. These elements are in the colours of the World Federation of Orthodontists - gold and burgundy.  

The logo is also very adaptable to being a single colour icon thus lending practically to every kind of production technique. Go ahead, spread the word of orthodontic health!

The WFO Executive Committee chose May 15 for World Orthodontic Health Day as it marks the signing of the WFO’s charter in 1995 during the 4th International Orthodontic Congress® in San Francisco. World Orthodontic Health Day is designed to tie the WFO’s past and future together.

Affiliate organizations are encouraged to plan activities on this day with their membership. These activities might be promotional or scientific in nature. Dr. Thom is coordinating with national orthodontic societies to announce this special day. “WFO fellows are also encouraged to plan activities in their offices to promote the importance of orthodontic care.”

Other celebrations took place worldwide. Nepal hosted the 2nd SAARC Regional Orthodontic Congress in Kathmandu, Nepal, on May 15, with many members of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society attending. Dr. Vaid and conference organizers organized an Orthodontic Health Run in Kathmandu. The runners had World Orthodontic Health Day T-shirts and hats.

Please keep the WFO informed of your World Orthodontic Health Day activities. Send updates and photographs of activities to

In JPG format
- Gold/burgundy/Olympic colours logo
- Gold/burgundy only variant
- Single monochrome variant 
In TIFF format
- Gold/burgundy/Olympic colours logo

In EPS format
- Gold/burgundy/Olympic colours logo
- Gold/burgundy only variant
- Single monochrome variant
In PSD (adObe illustrator) format
- Gold/burgundy/Olympic colours logo

In Adobe format
- Gold/burgundy/Olympic colours logo

In coreldraw14 source file editable format
- Gold/burgundy/Olympic colours logo

WOHD Posters

For World Orthodontic Health Day 2018 five posters were created. To download them click on the appropriate image below:





For World Orthodontic Health Day 2017 three posters were created.To download them click on the appropriate image below: