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Orthodontic Certifying Boards

The WFO strives to advance the art and science of Orthodontics throughout the world. Since the overall purpose of board certification is to improve the level of orthodontic treatment received by the public, liaising with all the National and Regional Specialty Certifying Boards is a key objective of the WFO. The Society of Specialty Orthodontic Certification Boards Committee aims to encourage board certifications amongst its fellows and to assist in the formation of new Boards in the field of orthodontics when requested.

Board Certifications symposiums have been a regular feature of the International Orthodontic Congresses (IOC’s) since the Paris meeting in 2005. These meetings have yielded stimulating discussions between leaders of specialty boards around the world.

The WFO Committee -the Society of Specialty Orthodontic Certification Boards Committee, with its representatives from the 16-recognized orthodontic certifying boards, strives to spark discussion and interest in the board-certification process among orthodontists worldwide. Since its formation, the WFO Committee on National and Regional Orthodontic Boards has developed Guidelines.

The first guideline document can be accessed by clicking below:

WFO Guidelines for the Establishment of New National and Regional Orthodontic Boards

The Committee met at the IOC in London.  Click here for the proceedings of that meeting.

The WFO anticipates these documents may serve to encourage the establishment of new certifying boards in orthodontics. Existing certifying boards may wish to compare their current guidelines and procedures to those recommended by the WFO and modify them accordingly if they find that their standards could be improved.

The current Board Certifications Committee is working on creating a comprehensive data base of Board protocols around the world and an organized forum for Boards to interact with each other. The Committee is planning to meet at the AAO meeting in Washington (2018) and three will be a virtual Board Certifications Symposium in conjunction with the 9th IOC (October 2020).


The WFO Committee on National and Regional Orthodontic Boards (2017-2020)

Representatives from the 16 orthodontic certifying boards serve as members on the WFO Committee on National and Regional Orthodontic Boards. The regional representatives represent their own regional boards. They are an excellent resource for information regarding the value of a board-certification process, for any WFO affiliate societies interested in developing a board.


The members of this committee are:

Dr Nikhilesh R Vaid (Chair) orthonik@gmail.com

Dr Tom Ahman (Co-Chair) tahman01@gmail.com

Dr David Turpin (Advisor)

Board Representatives:


American Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Valmy Kulbersh  

Argentinian Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Adriana Pascual 

Australasian Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Winifred Harding  

Brazilian Board of Orthodontics:
Eustaquio Araujo  

European Board of Orthodontics:
Guy De Pauw   Guy.DePauw@UGent.be

French Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. André Horn 
andrehorn@wanadoo.fr,   andrehorn@orange.fr 

German Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Bärbel Kahl-Nieke

Indian Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Sanjay Ganeshkar

Italian Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Alberto Marcello Caprioglio 

Japanese Orthodontic Board:
Dr. Ryuzo Kanomi  

Jordanian Board of Orthodontics
Dr. Ahmad Hamdan
Palestinian Board of Orthodontics
Dr.Ahmad Rahall plorahhal@hotmail.com
Korean Board of Orthodontics:

Dr. Seung Hak Baek  drwhite@unitel.co.kr

Mexican Board of Orthodontics:

Dr. Javier E. Venegas  javiervenegas@hotmail.com

Philippine Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Roberto Tan 

Saudi Board of Orthodontists:
Dr. Ali Habib Hassan
alihabib169@hotmail.com,    aakbr@kau.edu.sa

Spanish Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Juan Carlos Varela   jcperezvarela@yahoo.es

Taiwan Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Eric Liou   

Thai Board of Orthodontics:
Dr. Somchai Satravaha  


Recently formed Boards interested in being represented on this committee or societies interested in forming a Board may contact either Dr. Vaid or Dr. Ahman (see their e-mail addresses above).