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WFO explores option of offering an educational grant program for the 9th International Orthodontic Congress® in 2020 in Yokohama, Japan

Prior to the 8th International Orthodontic Congress® (IOC) in September 2015 in London, the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) awarded educational grants to 35 orthodontists from around the world who faced great challenges while training as dentists and orthodontists, and who have limited opportunities for continuing education. Through these educational grants, these individuals were able to attend the Congress and participate in a research poster presentation. Now, the WFO leadership is looking ahead to the 9th IOC in 2020 and is discussing plans to continue the program. 

“The 8th IOC educational grant program was very successful and created substantial benefits for the participants and the world of orthodontics,” WFO President Dr. Allan Thom said. “This program fostered education, research and community-building among orthodontists, all cornerstones of the WFO’s foundation. Without the grants, those 35 orthodontists would not have had the resources to attend the 8th IOC. The Congress gave them access to so much. They participated in the IOC with poster presentations and were able to take home a great deal of information and new ideas. It was a life-changing opportunity for the recipients. We are hoping there will be similar programs for all future IOCs.” 

The British Orthodontic Society, which hosted the 8th IOC, provided £50,000 for the grant program, which covered the orthodontists’ flights, accommodations and registration fees. In order to be selected, the orthodontists completed a competitive selection process that required personal statements, an abstract illustrating personal work, and research suitable for poster display at the 8th IOC. The 8th IOC grant recipients practice orthodontics in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Philippines. 

To recognize the research efforts of these individuals, the WFO website now features an educational grant section. Here, you may view a select number of the 8th IOC research posters. Go to