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Design a Logo and Win

The World Federation of Orthodontists is offering a one free conference registration; one free accompanying person’s registration, along with 2 complimentary passes for all the social events at the 2020 WFO/IOC in Yokohama to a Fellow/Student member who creates the winning logo design for the World Federation of Orthodontists Silver Jubilee Celebration, which will be held in 2020 to commemorate the WFO's 25th anniversary. The winner will also be recognized by way of a special article in the WFO Gazette as well as at the opening ceremonies in Yokohama.

The Silver Jubilee Logo

Participants are encouraged to create a logo that symbolizes the WFO's Silver Jubilee Celebration. The logo should reflect WFO sponsorship and one or more of the following themes:

  • Global Standards of Excellence in Orthodontics
  • The WFO:  The history, aims and values of the World Federation of Orthodontists
  • Trusted and Professional services:  Orthodontists are generally regarded as one of the most highly trusted healthcare professionals
  • A Celebration and commemoration of uniting the orthodontic specialty globally

Logo Usage

The logo will be available for use on

  • Websites and in electronic media
  • Must work in all presentation material – printed, filmed and projected
  • On all printed material
  • On fabric (t-shirts, bags, etc.). 
  • Should be equally effective in monotone and colour.


The closing date for entries is 15/09/2017.

Entry requirements

Entries should be submitted to for judging and include the following:

  • A printed version and a link for downloading high-resolution images
  • Both colour and black & white versions should be illustrated
  • Biographical details of the designer and a write up on the design
  • The contact details for the designer
  • A declaration stating that, if selected, the contestant will provide formats of the logo as desired by website hosting /publicity agencies of the WFO
  • A conformation statement that if selected, the copyright of the logo will be owned by the World Federation of Orthodontists in perpetuity

The winner must be prepared to participate in publicity, press releases and photographs of their winning logo.

The Prize

The winning logo designer will have one free conference registration; one free accompanying person’s registration, along with 2 complimentary passes for all the social events at the congress. The winner will be recognized by way of a special article in the WFO Gazette as well as during the opening ceremonies of the 2020 WFO/IOC in Yokohama.

About the World Federation of Orthodontics

The WFO was formed at the 4th International Orthodontic Congress (IOC) in San Francisco, by 69 affiliated organizations on May 15th,1995. It now has over 9000 WFO fellows and 114 affiliated organizations. It aims to:

  1. Encourage high standards in orthodontics throughout the world
  2. Assist in the formation of national associations or societies of orthodontists, when requested
  3. Assist in the formation of national certifying specialty boards in the field of orthodontics when requested
  4.  Promote orthodontic research
  5. Disseminate scientific information
  6. Promote desirable standards of training and certification for orthodontists
  7. Organize the International Orthodontic Congress once every 5 years

The Silver Jubilee Celebration

The year 2019-20 will be celebrated as the 25th year or silver jubilee year of the WFO. The celebration will see activities around the globe that will showcase the history and growth of the organization.  It will also be a celebration of the specialty of orthodontics and its impact on oral health across the world.

The yearlong celebration will culminate at the 9th IOC Oct. 4-7, 2020, at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Complex in Yokohama, Japan. Please visit for more information.

The Japanese Orthodontic Society believes that holding the 9th IOC in Japan will be a great opportunity for all orthodontists to share the most current research findings and treatment practices that the Japanese orthodontic community and colleagues from around the world have developed. “It will deepen ties between orthodontics and other related domains worldwide, so that our area of specialization can further develop as an important pillar of health science,” said Dr. Keiji Moriyama, the Executive Director of the JOS, and the Executive Committee Member of the WFO from Japan.